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A strange post you may feel at the start of the year but I thought it was a useful guidance on how to ensure that when you are looking for electrical work to be carried out in your home that you do end up with a “rogue”. Whilst the statutory requirements for electrical work is different in England and Wales from those in Scotland and Northern Ireland. , if you are looking for electrical work you should seek out a registered electrician Sadly, it’s the case that there are a small minority of rogue tradespeople who cut corners and do not deliver the service they’re being paid for. Not only are they ripping people off but they may be leaving householders with dangerous, sub-standard electrics in their homes.”

Beware who you pick.

10 rogue electrician warning signs:

◾Avoids giving references.
◾Only supplies a mobile number and has no address on their letterhead/business card.
◾Will do the job ‘cheaper for cash’ so as the customer avoids paying the VAT.
◾Says they can start tomorrow – registered electricians are usually booked up in advance.
◾Will not confirm anything in writing.
◾Tells the customer they are approved by an organisation that has never heard of them.
◾Tells the customer not to worry about the details of the job.
◾Confuses the customer with jargon and complicated explanations.
◾Cannot give a specific cost for materials or labour.
◾Provides a surprisingly low quote – if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is!
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