Nest Product Installs

Nest create products that make our home life easier. From smart thermostats to home safety with smoke alarms and security cameras. The products are  simple to use but are complex underneath the covers with some requiring a professional installation. CPJ Eectrics Limited is a Nest Pro installer and, whilst choose not to supply Nest products, we can install them in your home.

The latest Nest Generation 3 thermostat is able to control your heating and hot water if you have a seperate water tank.

The Nest Protect is a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that speaks to you,alerts via the app. and performs a regular self-test. It is suitable for all rooms in house except the kitchen where a heat alarm should be installed

Nest Cam are outdoor or indoor security cameras designed to help you look after your home and family – even when you’re away.

All products are viewed from one single app on your phone or tablet. CPJ Electrics Ltd can also offer integration with other devices; for example if smoke is detected all the lights in the house come on to alert you.

If you have purchased your Nest product from a retailer or have recevied the thermostat free from your energy supplier please request a quote here