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Basic safety check whilst at home

As a large majority of us are at home a lot more and looking for some jobs to do perhaps now is the time for some basic electrical safety check A.Smoke / heat alarms check. Hopefully you house has at least one smoke alarm in your primary escape route, typically this would be in the hallway and on the landing. Ideally there is also a heat alarm in the kitchen. These alarms require some maintenance and testing to ensure that they will operate in the event of a fire. Follow these simple...

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Thanks for contacting CPJ Electrics Limited. In line of the current situation together with government guidance I have elected to postpone all scheduled work until at least after Tuesday 14th April. I am able to provide remote support where possible to attempt to address any problems and if there is a genuine emergency (no power to a house) then I will review and possibly respond onsite. Please use my WhatsApp number 0118 3250396 to contact me / send photos  Contact The above is...

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Do I need building regulations for electrical work in my home?

The answer is maybe. The electrical safety first published this useful article about this and your responsibility as a home owner What is Part P of the building regulations? Since 2005, all electrical work in dwellings in England and Wales whether carried out professionally or as DIY, and whether or not the work is notifiable to a building control body (see below), must meet the requirements of Part P of the Building Regulations. In April 2013 the requirements for England were...

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Is our British politeness putting us in danger

Us Brits are renowned for being apologetic and tend to avoid awkward situations.  Recent research by Electrical Safety suggests social awkwardness – and a reluctance to ask potentially embarrassing questions – is putting millions of people at risk of electrical disaster. The research carried out by Electrical Safety First found that over 18 million of us are too embarrassed to ask if an electrician is registered to carry out electrical work in our home. While the majority of us...

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Doing some gardening next weekend

One of my neighbour’s sons used an electric lawnmower for the first time last week. He did not appreciate that the air drawn up by the mower could also lift up the power cable as he run over it cutting the cable in halve. Fortunately the electrical was protected by a residual current device (RCD) so the power was safely cut in milli-seconds. If you are gardening next weekend you might want to check out this infographic about safety in the garden Source: Infographic: How safe are you...

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Check if your electrical product has a recall

Product Recalls The average success rate of an electrical product recall in the UK is just 10-20%. This means that there are potentially millions of recalled electrical items still in UK homes. As most of these products have been recalled because they offer a risk of electric shock or electrical fire, they present a serious risk. The  electrical goods most often reported as faulty or dangerous are: Electrical chargers Adaptors, including those used for travel Extension and spare product...

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Don’t Kill Your Phone with a Dodgy Charger

It might be cheaper to buy your phone charge from an internet site but is it worth risking your phone and possibly more as this infographic demonstrates   Source: Dont kill your phone infographic from Electrical Safety...

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Replace inefficient downlighters promotion

Replace inefficient downlighters with LED downlighters promotion From working in customers houses we see the problems associated with old low voltage halogen or mains downlighters. Recessed ceiling downlighters suffer from heat problems causing the connectors to burn out, the bulbs to fail and the transformers in the ceiling to fail on a regular basis. Traditional light bulbs (incandescent) and halogen lamps use filament technology which is very inefficient as only about 5 – 15 per cent...

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See why CPJ Electrics use MK sockets for a chance to win iPad Mini

      See why CPJ Electrics Ltd use MK sockets by watching this video for a chance to win an iPad Mini. MK USB socket video MK Electric have been manufacturing sockets in the UK for over 100 years and produced their 100,000,000 in 2014. Their products are about quality,safety and reliability as standard. Recently they have introduced a double socket with 2 USB charging points. This promotion is run by MK/Honeywell and is not associated with CPJ Electrics...

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