Outside light and power

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Outside power
If you are considering having an additional outside room for a study, a summer house or a room for the children you will want to consider provide power to the space.

Getting the cable from the existing consumer unit to the summerhouse / outbuilding is often achieve by installing the cable in a trench. We suggest you either dig the trench yourself or hire a contractor. The trench needs to be at least 450mm deep if under grass or deeper if through a flower bed. This is to avoid a fork/spade cutting into the cable

The power sockets in the office/summer house / play room can be either mounted in the wall or surface mounted. It all depends upon the construction of the building. If you involve us early on in the design stage we can advise there.

Outside lighting

Additional lighting to a patio area or garden planters can really enhance a garden. Different zones of lighting can highlight areas of the garden and control can be simple with a wireless controller