EV Survey

If you would like to book an onsite site survey for a domestic electric vehicle charge point please click on the button above

During the onsite site survey we can discuss the options for chargers and then review where it may be located. As a new electrical circuit will be required then we will need to check the current earthing and bonding arrangements. So we will need access to the electric meter, consumer unit(fusebox) and where the gas meter and water stopcock are. As part of the survey the maximum electric demand of the property will be determined . This is to comply with the energy networks association document to aid the connection to the Distributors Network Operators grid (it may be necessary for the incoming supply/fuse to be upgraded)

What information is required during the survey ?

  • The Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) of the electric meter, this is available from a recent electricity bill
  • Access to the consumer unit and electric meter
  • Location where you would ideally like the charge point to be installed
  • Ability to test the strength of your 2.4Ghz wi-fi signal

All electrical work is carried out to the current amendment of BS7671:2018, current edition of the (IET) Code of Practice for electric vehicle charging equipment and local DNO requirements. An electrical installation certificate and local building control notification is provided once work is completed.