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For home electric charger there are 2 mainstream charging technologies either Mode 2 or Mode 3 charging. Put simply Mode 2 charging is a dedicated circuit with a 13amp socket whereas Mode 3 uses a dedicated Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

Mode 2

Dedicated circut installed to a dedicated socket
Maximum of 10amp supply
Typical vehicle full charge 24 hours
Use car manufacturers in-cable control box (ICCB)
Not covered under OLEV grant

Mode 3

Dedicated supply to a EVSE
Chargers 16amp – 32amps (3.6Kw – 7kW)
Typical vehicle full charge 8 hours
Cable tethered or removable charging cable to EVSE
Covered under OLEV grant

The bigger your car’s battery and the slower the charging point (number of amps ), the longer it takes to charge from empty to full. Charge your electric car at home as often you need to in line with manufacturers guidelines. Even regard it as charging a mobile phone, fully charging overnight and topping up in the day if necessary

We have been educated by these manufacturers and approved under the OLEV Grant scheme to install these units


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