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Us Brits are renowned for being apologetic and tend to avoid awkward situations.  Recent research by Electrical Safety suggests social awkwardness – and a reluctance to ask potentially embarrassing questions – is putting millions of people at risk of electrical disaster.

The research carried out by Electrical Safety First found that over 18 million of us are too embarrassed to ask if an electrician is registered to carry out electrical work in our home.

While the majority of us claim to use registered tradespeople, only one in five actually ask for proof. Having someone who isn’t a registered electrician undertake work in the home increases the risk of injury, property damage and fire.

The top three most awkward questions are:
1. Asking for a pay rise (62%)
2. Asking a queue jumper to get to the back of the line (49%)
3. Asking an electrician if they are registered and to prove this (37%)

There are some electrical jobs that by law should be carried out or checked by a registered electrician. For more information and to find a registered electrician in your area visit in England and Wales and or in Scotland.


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