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Carry out a test
of your smoke alarms today

To ensure your household fire detecton and alarm system  operates correctly it should be tested and maintained on a regular basis. Please see the 3 simple steps to carry this out
Step 1
Check that the green light on the alarm is on (this shows that it is receiving mains power).

If it is off, check your fuseboard/consumer unit for a circuit marked ‘Smoke Alarms’ which may be turned off. If it is off, turn it back on and check that the green light on the alarm is now on.

Step 2
Press and hold the test button on the front of the alarm for around 10 seconds.


Step 3
The alarm should emit a loud alarm sound.

If you have other alarms in the property, they will most likely be linked together. This means that if one alarm sounds, it should send a signal to trigger the other alarms in the property – so you should be able able to hear the other alarms sounding in the background when you are holding the test button on one of the alarms.

Finally, repeat the above steps on all the other alarms in the property.

If you have a carbon monoxide alarm for houses with boilers/solid fuel burners please test this also.
If you have tenants please ensure that they are reguarly testing their alarms.

Should an alarms fail the test please contact us for further advice by email here



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